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Bereavement Counselling in West Sussex from Your Space Today

Bereavement Counselling from Your Space Today

BEREAVEMENT noun “the condition of having been deprived of something or someone valued, especially through death.”

That is the dictionary definition of bereavement, but the dictionary can’t define you and how you are grieving, that is why every chair is different. Bereavement is the time it takes to adjust to loss but this differs from person to person. It is normal to grieve and there is no right or wrong emotion you should experience during your bereavement. Initially you may feel stunned and unable to accept the news. You may carry on automatically but have feelings of being tense and apprehensive.

As a bereaved person you may find yourself pining, searching, or looking for endless examinations of how and why the loss occurred. Grief can shake you and your view of your world and you may feel angry or numb. Through talking about your loss with me, you will in time gradually find a place for your loss, carry on in your life albeit one that is now shaped differently and eventually find acceptance. It is almost inevitable that as a bereaved person you may at times despair that anything can be salvaged.

People who are unable to mourn the loss of someone important to them may feel deeply dissatisfied with their lives and may come to see their personal relationships as empty. For some people. bereavement represents a change for the worse and for others a change for the better, either way you may feel the strangeness of something no longer being familiar.

I can offer you Your Space Today and through counselling we will look at your experiences of bereavement, what it feels like for you, both physically and emotionally. By providing you with a supportive place to talk at my consulting room in Storrington, near Worthing West Sussex, we can look at the impact that this is having on your life, work and relationships.

“Grief is love with nowhere to go.”
(Helen Macdonald)

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