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Relationship Counselling in West Sussex from Your Space Today

Relationship Counselling from Your Space Today

RELATIONSHIPS plural noun “the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.”

That is the dictionary definition of relationships, but the dictionary can’t define your relationship, that is why I acknowledge that every chair is different. Relationships are a very meaningful part of our lives, and can bring us a great deal of happiness, fulfilment, support and love. But when our relationship starts to suffer so does our happiness.

Whatever type of relationship you are in, and no matter what situation you find yourself, I am here to listen to you. I will provide a safe and confidential counselling space for you to share your difficulties, which you may be facing in your relationship from my private and confidential consulting room in Storrington near Henfield, West Sussex. You may feel its trivial, however if you have found Your Space Today, then something isn’t sitting right for you and that’s what we will look at together. During our counselling sessions we we will look at the impact that this is having on you, both physically and emotionally.

Our time together may enable you to see things in a different way, or enable you to move forward in a way that is most suitable for you. We can look at how you relate to others and look at developing positive patterns within relationships.

We encompass all sorts of relationships in our lives, with our partners, children, family and work colleagues. Relationships are complex and communication can become difficult due to the pressures of modern life.

There are a wide range of relationship issues including, disagreements and arguments, adultery, domestic violence and difficulties with step-families. Whatever is happening in your relationship may leave you feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely.

Your relationship may not be fulfilling your expectation or you may crave a romantic relationship but find them difficult to achieve, whatever your situation, through relationship counselling, we can look at this together.

“Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
(Albert Camus)

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