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Self Esteem Counselling in West Sussex from Your Space Today

Self Esteem Counselling from Your Space Today

SELF-ESTEEM noun “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities, self-respect.”

That is the dictionary definition of self-esteem, but the dictionary can’t define you, that is why every chair is different. Through counselling we will look at your self-esteem, what it feels like for you, both physically and emotionally from my private and confidential consulting room in Storrington near Southwater, West Sussex.

Self-esteem relates to how you feel about yourself, what your beliefs are. These are not based on other people’s views. When looking at the word self-esteem it can feel like the unspoken word ‘low’ is missing and would fit better if placed alongside it.

It may be that you have negative thoughts about yourself, it is easier to hold on to mistakes you may have made, albeit, it may have only been once but once was too much or to hard for you to let go. And that’s ok, because as said above this is about your beliefs in your self, right now. It may be that you are focusing on your weaknesses or are blaming yourself for things you have or haven’t done.

Self-esteem can be seen as a block or stepping stone which is deemed to be stopping you from doing what you really want to do, but with low self-esteem, you’ve already talked yourself out of being really able to do that ‘thing’ you really want to do, or justified why you shouldn’t go for it!

Self-esteem is debilitating to you and the life that you want to live. Situations that may seem difficult, you begin to avoid and this can impact your social life. You may detach yourself from family, friends or work colleagues which will link into your low self-esteem cycle. During our counselling sessions we will look at the impact that this is having on your life, work and relationships, together in a supportive environment.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
(Stephen Hawking)

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