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Counselling for Young People in West Sussex from Your Space Today

Counselling for Young People from Your Space Today

YOUNG PEOPLE noun “(in the UK) a person generally from 14 to 17 years of age in the process of developing from a child into an adult.”

That is the dictionary definition, but the dictionary can’t define you, that is why I recognise that every chair is different.

Your reason for looking on this page, may be because you might be experiencing problems at school, issues with your parents or generally not feeling like yourself.  Whatever it is that is causing your day to day life to not be as you would like it, can feel even more difficult if you feel you have no-one to talk to about it.

If you came to see me, we can look at your problems by working together.  At first you might feel shy or uncomfortable about talking about the things that you have been experiencing – that’s ok.  We will work at your pace and you only have to talk about, what You want to talk about it.

Here are the answers to some questions you might have….

Q. How often would I see you?
A. Normally, we would meet once a week.

Q. How long is a session?
A. A session is about 50 minutes.

Q. Will you tell my parents what we have discussed?
A. If you talked about hurting yourself, it would be more helpful to have a wider group of people to support you and so we would look at this together – it may be that you would like one of the people to be your parents.

Q. Can my parents/caregiver talk about me to you without me knowing?
A. I encourage all parents to let their children know if they contact me and for them to tell you what they have said to me.

Q. What if I see you when I am out with my friends?
A. I will not approach you or say hello, but it’s ok if you want to say hello to me.

Q. Do my parents/caregiver have to know that I am seeing you?
A. Because of your age, I will need an adult to sign a parental consent for any young person under the age of 18 years old who is participating in counselling.

You may have a question that you would like to ask me and you can do this by either text or phone: 07525 116668 or email: and I will answer your question.

Lots of people like to come and meet me first to help decide if they want to work with me – you can do this too if you want to.

I have worked with young people each with their own issues and they have said how helpful it was to talk to someone who wasn’t their parent or teacher.  They said how they felt relieved to be able to talk about what was causing them difficulty and not felt judged or treated like a child. That is what I can offer you with Your Space Today – a supportive place to talk in Storrington, West Sussex.

“One day the people that didn’t believe in you,
will tell you how they met you.”
(Johnny Depp)

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